Saturday, August 29, 2009


Enjoying The Summer Breeze

I had a terrible dream last night about losing my precious dog, Miss Mollie. We were in the woods and I looked and looked for her but couldn't find her. I was crying my eyes out. The dream woke me suddenly, only to find Miss Mollie fast asleep right next to me in bed. I kissed her little face all over and hugged and stroked her. She gave me a couple of, "Leave me alone, I'm sleeping!" growls HA! So I finally stopped aggravating her and we both fell back to sleep.

I began dreaming the same dream again, only like the next chapter. This time I had returned to the same place in the woods looking for her again. Crying and calling her name into the quiet, softly lit woods, still I could not find her. Miserable again, I woke up, got myself a drink of water and tried to shake off the dream. I sat quietly watching, listening to my little fur person snoring peacefully as she slept soundly and completely unaware of my terror.

Isn't it strange how attached we become of these lovely creatures? I mean, Miss Mollie really is, my best friend in the whole world. She misses me to pieces even if I leave the house for just a few minutes, always there to eagerly greet me as if she hasn't seen me in ages! She loves me unconditionally, no matter what. She thinks I am the most wonderful person in the entire world. She feels pain when I feel pain. She always knows when to comfort me in my times of sorrow. She knows exactly how to make me laugh and does so at the appropriate times too. She always knows when to initiate play, usually when I've been sitting at my desk too long. She is such an intuitive little being! Ahhh, I love her so much!

Miss Mollie is 13 years old now and her age is beginning to show on her little face which is now going gray. The dark black mascara which gave her "Egyptian Eyes" in younger years has faded to white whispers of lashes. Like me, she's put on a few pounds in her old age, but we don't care. We eat our ice cream and Frosty Paws any old way! I know she cannot stay with me forever and if there was anyway I could clone her, I would. I don't want to ever lose her and the nightmare I had last night affirmed just how much I love this tiny creature. I think they may have to put me in the looney bin when Miss Mollie is no longer with me. OMG, I can't begin to tell you just how much I care for this dog. She helps me make my videos for YouTube, occasionally starring in them. She's absolutely the best little actress, never missing her cue. She is quite patient with me as her "director" and tolerates all the costume and set changes, even when she would rather be chewing on a big fat bone. She's bilingual, she speaks and understands both English and French. Some people may smirk at this, but I tell you, she's learned French a lot faster than I have!

She's glaring at me now, giving me the "eye". I know what that means. "Come on, let's go outside!" So, I'll write more later and live in this moment. I'm going to go share this glorious day with my, "bestest friend" in the whole wide world, my beautiful, playful, intelligent, intuitive, mind reading fur person, Miss Mollie. I just hope at some point in my life, I can become the person she thinks I am!

Miss Mollie "telling me" that she loves me

Sitting Pretty

Guarding The House

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